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What to Consider When Receiving an Inheritance

Receiving an inheritance can be both exciting and overwhelming. It can bring with it a lot of questions and decisions that need to be made. It is important to consider the implications of receiving a large sum of money, as it could significantly impact your financial situation.

This article will discuss what you should consider when receiving an inheritance, from taxes and legal issues to investment opportunities and charitable giving.

Take it Slowly

While you may be receiving a large sum of money, you are likely going to be in a state of grief from losing a loved one. It is important that you wait until your mind clears and you are ready prior to making any big financial decisions. Taking the time to consider all aspects of your inheritance will help you make the best decisions for both yourself and your family.

Tax Concerns

In Canada, there is no inheritance tax, meaning you don’t have to pay tax on the money you inherit, nor do you have to report it as income. This is because when a person passes, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) taxes their estate directly, prior to any money being released to the beneficiaries. In short, you don’t pay taxes on the actual inheritance amount as it was already taxed as part of the estate. However, not all other countries treat inheritance the same—it is important to understand the tax implications in your country.

Pay Off Your Debts

Living a debt-free lifestyle can help you better save your money and work towards your financial goals. Freedom from debt goes beyond your financial well-being and can help improve your emotional well-being by relieving a great deal of stress. It is best to start by paying off the debt that has the highest interest rates, which is most often loans or credit card debt.

Save and Invest Your Inheritance

It’s a good idea to save and invest some of the money that you receive. This can be saving your money in a high-interest savings account, contributing to or creating an emergency fund, or investing in real estate or dividend-paying stocks. Saving and investing your inheritance gives you the opportunity to generate more income.

Seek Advice

When receiving your inheritance, you may want to seek some professional guidance before making any decisions. This will prove helpful if you are receiving an amount of money that you have not dealt with before, or if you have not dealt with big financial decisions previously. A financial planner will be able to help you decide the best way to handle your money—devising a short-term and long-term plan.

Let Bloom Investment Counsel, Inc. help to Preserve, Protect and Grow Your Inheritance

Inheritance can be a great opportunity for financial security and growth; however, it should not be taken lightly. Taking the time to consider all of your options will ensure that you are making informed decisions about how to best use this newfound wealth.

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