How To Start Capitalizing On Rental Income—Property Or Not!

Do you have someone in your life who seems to have complete financial independence, and wondered how they got there? It’s very common for financially successful people to own a property, or even a few and rent out for extra income. While owning a property can be very lucrative, there are a fair share of downsides associated with it, such as high upfront costs, property taxes, and volatile markets. In this guide, we shed light on one of the best kept real estate investment secrets—an alternative to owning a property and renting it out that still lets you reap the benefits of rental income.

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Key Differences Between Day Trading And Investing

The rise of the retail army in equity markets has drawn our attention to a big misconception we often see online—that there is little difference between day trading and investing.

The truth is that day trading and investing are two completely different investment strategies. This article discusses some of the key differences between day trading and investing that are not just about the holding period of stocks.

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Seven Unique Income Streams You Need Now To Maximize Your Earnings

Have you ever come across someone who seems to have complete financial freedom, and wonder how they got there—what their secrets are? You may feel that sense of total independence simply isn’t in the cards, but ask yourself—why can’t that be you? This article takes you through seven unique streams of income that are at your disposal. Read more to be well on your way to financial prosperity!

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Are Robo-Advisors Really As Effective As Human Advisors?

A robo-advisor is a form of investment management which relies on algorithms to automate portfolio management and avoids all human interaction in the portfolio construction and rebalancing process. This automated process has given rise to a more affordable investment management option for the masses. But are robo-advisors really as effective as human advisors? What are the shortfalls of robo-advisors that investors need to know?

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