Investing with
Bloom Investment Counsel:

Personalized Portfolios to Provide Stable Cash Flow

Our Methodology

Bloom can help you protect, maintain and grow your wealth through creating a personalized investment portfolio that generates both capital gains and dividend income—an overall total return approach to investing.

We believe that generating independent cash flow is central to the success of our clients’ portfolios because it provides capital for the present day, if desired, while continuing to preserve and build wealth for the future.

Our Approach

Bloom’s investment approach is centred around our belief in the long-term benefits of investing in income generating investments, specifically dividend-paying stocks, which has helped provide our clients with comfort to invest in the stock market.

For high-net-worth individuals and families, our investment approach can not only protect and preserve net worth, but also provide income that can be used for retirement, philanthropic ambitions, and more, without the need to withdraw from capital.

For endowments, foundations, corporations, institutions, trusts, and more, our investment approach can provide a more tax-efficient strategy as dividend-paying stocks have a lower tax rate. Income can also be used to fulfill the mandatory disbursement requirement for a foundation.

If an additional income stream is not necessary, we will reinvest the generated income, with the portfolio continuing to grow through our long-term investment approach.

Dividend-paying stocks have many benefits including:

Preserve Capital at times
of Market Volatility

Dividend-paying stocks have not only been less volatile, but also outperformed the broader market over many decades. Volatility in stock markets make it difficult for investors to preserve their capital while attaining a reasonable level of income. Dividend-paying stocks can provide this level of income.

Benefits to Canadian Taxable Investors

Investing in dividend-paying stocks substantially increases the after-tax rate of return for Canadian taxable investors given that dividends are taxed at a lower rate than other income.

Discipline on Corporate Management Teams

Companies that pay dividends need to set aside cash for this purpose. This gives management less flexibility for free cash flow deployment as a significant amount of cash flow is already dedicated to dividends and distributions.

Staying ahead in a Low Interest Rate or Inflationary Environment

In a low interest rate environment, interest payments on fixed income investments such as GICs are often insufficient to keep pace with the rate of inflation given that their payments are fixed and do not increase with inflation. Dividends, on the other hand, can and often are increased based on inflation affected earnings. Investing in dividend-paying stocks can therefore help you stay ahead.

Still uncertain about investing in the stock market? Here are some common investment misconceptions, explained, that can assure you are making the right decision when you choose to build your wealth with Bloom. Or talk to us, we’re here to help.

Our Personalized Portfolio Building Process

We will work with you to understand your unique financial situation to create your actively managed, customized dividend-paying portfolio to meet your financial objectives.



We will work with you to understand your long-term financial needs, objectives and goals, as well as preferences and constraints on your invested capital.



We will define an Investment Policy Statement for you that captures all your considerations that must be met and accounted for. This document is a governing document that sets appropriate guidelines on your customized portfolio construction and our ongoing portfolio management.



We will construct your customized portfolio which balances growth and cash flow (if desired), integrating market conditions and security-specific dynamics, to deliver on your unique long-term financial needs, objectives and goals, identified in step 1.

Get Bloom’s Support and Guidance

Investing may only be a part of your financial picture. That is why we are delighted to work with your existing trusted professionals to help you manage your money.

Choosing or changing an investment manager is a big step for any high-net-worth individual, family office, endowment, foundation, corporation, institution, and/or trust, so we’re here to help with your specific needs. Let’s talk!

Protect, preserve and build your wealth with Bloom

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