Our Methodology

Bloom’s unique approach to investment management starts with understanding our clients’ needs and providing them with an UNBIASED, NON-CONFLICTED, transparent and personalized perspective to managing their wealth.  By specializing in the investment of dividend paying stocks our goal is to provide a worry free CONFIDENTIAL form of investing for our clients.  Through our extensive analysis of individual stocks and understanding of the broader economy we select stocks that we expect will provide a steady stream of cash flow for our clients in addition to growing our clients’ assets.  It is from this approach and our belief of being accessible to our clients that our offering differentiates itself from others. 

Our Approach

Whether it is a desire to have a steady stream of income for your retirement, to provide annual charitable donations or simply to have an independent form of cash flow we believe investing in dividend paying stocks can meet these objectives. 

Bloom’s investment approach is centred around our belief in the long term benefits of investing in dividend paying stocks.  Our conviction is based on the fact that we believe these types of investments help to provide our clients with the peace of mind when investing in the stock market:

Concern Over Market Volatility

  • Volatility in stock markets make it difficult for investors to preserve their capital and attain a reasonable level of income.  Dividend paying stocks can provide this level of income. 
  • Dividend paying stocks have not only been less volatile, but also outperformed the broader stock market over many decades.

Benefits to Canadian Taxable Investors

  • Substantially increases the after tax rate of return for Canadian taxable investors given that dividends are taxed at a lower rate than other income.

Discipline on Corporate Management Teams

  • Places more control in the hands of investors for new equity financing to undertake expansion and acquisitions. 
  • Less flexibility by management for free cash flow deployment as a significant amount of cash flow is already dedicated to dividends and distributions.

Higher Levels of Income in a Low Interest Rate Environment

  • Interest on GICs and other short term fixed income investments is insufficient to keep pace with the rate of inflation further illustrating the benefits of using dividend paying investments as a form of income. 

Our Investment Process

We take a personalized approach to your investment needs


Initial Client & Portfolio Manager Discussion

  • Ensuring that Bloom and the client are the right fit for each other
  • Understanding Bloom’s investment approach and deciding whether it is the correct approach for the client’s assets
  • Discuss client expectations from its manager and deliverables
  • Initial understanding of the client’s risk tolerance, investment objectives and constraints

In Depth Client Discussion

  • Deep dive into client’s current financial situation, retirement plans, financials goals and constraints and any special circumstances
  • Develop an Investment Policy Statement based on our understanding of our client’s situation and their responses to our Know Your Client questionnaire and our face-to-face personal meetings.
  • Review the investment plan with our clients to ensure they are comfortable and understand how their money will be invested
  • Address any concerns or fears that the client may have

Portfolio Management

  • Patiently start to invest the client’s funds in equities and fixed income securities following the investment plan that we developed with the client
  • Continuous review of the portfolio to ensure that it meets the client’s investment objectives and steers away from the client’s investment constraints
  • Manage the client’s portfolio in the context of the market while attempting to preserve and grow capital while minimizing risk

Quarterly Reporting & Face to Face Reviews

  • Provide detailed and transparent quarterly statement package outlining performance, fees, investments and changes to the portfolio during that time period.
  • Meet face to face with each client on an annual basis at minimum
  • Review client’s annual Know Your Client questionnaire to understand any changes to the client’s financial objectives, constraints or expectations.
  • Make any necessary changes to the client’s Investment Policy Statement should they arise 
  • Ensure that the client is comfortable with Bloom’s investment decisions
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