The Future Cash Flow Strategy You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

By now, you likely know and understand the various strategies available to you to generate income (if you missed our exclusive Seven Streams of Income series, be sure to click HERE to catch up!). Between rental, earned, profit, royalty, dividend, capital gains, and interest income, there are a plethora of passive income  (i.e. requiring minimal effort on your part) strategies (that you can engage in to ensure you are always getting the most out of your capital (reference our previous guide to learn how Bloom can help you directly in achieving some of the seven streams of income, and how we can work with your advisors to help you attain the other four). 

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Capitalizing on Capital Gains


In this guide within Bloom Investment Counsel’s Seven Streams of Income series, we are discussing capital gains income—another great income source where your money works for you, and not the other way around. Bloom Investment Counsel actively makes the most of capital gains income on behalf of its clients, strategically purchasing equities when prices are relatively low, and (if the opportunity is right and there is no advantageous long term gain in sight), selling high so that clients can profit from the difference.

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How to Attain Inactive Income with Dividends


Supplementing some of the other types of income streams Bloom Investment Counsel has been discussing in our Seven Streams of Income series (if you missed our last installment, click HERE to catch up!), dividend income is a great way to reach that next level on your financial journey. Unlike some other income streams, dividend income is inactive in nature rather than active—after you or your investment manager have conducted research on which stocks are right for you, assuming you have a long-term position, you get to sit back and enjoy the ride! This is one of the pillar reasons Bloom Investment Counsel is so fond of dividend income—we are of the belief that you can attain true financial peace of mind through the inactive nature of this income stream, while still having time to dedicate to your business, your family, and your life.

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Seven Unique Income Streams You Need Now To Maximize Your Earnings

Have you ever come across someone who seems to have complete financial freedom, and wonder how they got there—what their secrets are? You may feel that sense of total independence simply isn’t in the cards, but ask yourself—why can’t that be you? Bloom Investment Counsel’s Seven Unique Income Streams You Need Now to Maximize Your Earnings takes you through the seven unique streams of income that are at your disposal—so grab a pen and paper and your favourite beverage, and start taking notes to be well on your way to financial prosperity!

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How to Create Steady Cash Flow for Financial Independence in Retirement…and Beyond!

Between managing expenses large and small, keeping tabs on income, and being mindful of liquidity, our retirement years can feel like a complex juggling act. Bloom Investment Counsel’s How to Create Steady Cash Flow for Financial Independence in Retirement…and Beyond! takes you through how to preserve and sustain a desirable cash flow in your golden years.

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