How Does Marriage or Living Common-Law Impact Taxes in Canada?

If you are recently married or have recently entered into a common-law relationship, understanding potential changes in taxation and tax return filing requirements can be confusing and frustrating. This article is here to provide information on some common taxation related issues for married or common-law couples in Canada. It also lists some tax benefits for married couples in Canada that you may wish to know.

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Why You May Wish to Consider Having Independent Directors on Your Company Board

Whether you are looking to maintain or grow your business in the shorter term or to ensure that it lasts for future generations, you may wish to consider having independent directors on your company’s board.

Founders of the business may initially resist for a range of reasons, including a feeling of a loss of control, a reluctance to share information with outsiders, or an unwillingness to let outsiders to tell them what to do. These are all valid concerns; however, here are some reasons why you may wish to include arm’s length members on your company’s board.

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How To Pass Money To Heirs While Minimizing Taxes In Canada

Grandparents or parents of high-net-worth families who have amassed wealth beyond their personal needs may at one point or another contemplate how to pass money to their heirs, while minimizing taxes.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Over the coming decade, Canadian inheritances could hit $1 trillion. Some Canadians focus their attention on estate strategies to transfer their wealth after their passing, while others are keen to give during their lifetimes—but in both cases, wish to keep as much of their wealth intact as possible and shield it from taxation.

As we enter an age of unprecedented wealth transfer, you should be prepared. In this article, we highlight 4 ways to transfer wealth while minimizing the tax bite in Canada.

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How to Manage Your Online Presence After Death

Our lives are increasingly lived online and therefore almost everyone has an online presence. What happens to our digital lives after death? Potential identity theft can create problems for loved ones when online lives of the deceased are left unmanaged. This article discusses the steps you can take ahead of time to manage your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter presence after you pass.

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8 Common Sources of Family Business Conflicts

Conflicts may feel uncomfortable but are inevitable in any business, including family businesses. Avoiding conflicts can be a grave mistake as meaningful conflicts can propel the business forward. Understanding common sources of family business conflicts can help you better prepare for potential challenges in the road ahead. This article lists 8 common sources of family business conflicts.

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