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Altruistic Actions: Your Guide To All Things Philanthropy

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When you think of a traditional philanthropist, who do you picture? With the philanthropic space so often dominated by very wealthy individuals, it can at times feel intimidating to enter into this endeavour if you feel you don’t quite fit that description. The truth is, philanthropy is not limited to the ultra-elite, and the charitable giving space is constantly being rewritten to invite everyone in on their own terms. The community is always open to deriving new ways to contribute, support redesign and redefine what it means to give—and doing it together.

Whether you’re an ultra-high-net-worth individual, high-net-worth individual, or still working to build your wealth, there is a place for you in the philanthropic space. Read this guide to understand all things philanthropy, including what motivates one to give, the main difference between charity and philanthropy, how to select an organization to give back in Canada, and more.

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3 Ways To Fulfill Your Philanthropic Ambitions In Addition To Volunteering

When it comes to giving back to the community, many of us have philanthropic ambitions, but are concerned that we cannot afford to donate. The good news is that if you want to make the world a better place, you can still contribute without cutting a big check. This article walks you through 3 ways to finally fulfill your philanthropic ambitions, and it’s not just about volunteering.

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Important Considerations Before Replacing Philanthropic Contributions with Impact Investing

Impact investing, an investment approach that aims to generate specific positive social and/or environmental impacts, while seeking some level of financial return, has been a hot topic and is not a new subject for family offices which play an important role in its growth. Additionally, impact investing has significant appeal among younger generations, such as Millennials, who have an increased desire  to push for environmental improvements or social changes that align with their personal values. This momentum is likely to increase as Millennial investors gain market influence. This article takes a look at what impact investors do, takes a deep dive into impact investing and discusses important considerations when thinking about replacing philanthropic contributions with impact investing.

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