Difficulties Facing Nonprofit Organizations: What Every Nonprofit Leader Needs to Know

Nonprofit organizations serve individuals and communities, making a difference in people’s lives. Of course, it is not an easy job. This article explores some difficulties every nonprofit leader need to know.

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The Informed Philanthropic Advisor: Helping Your Client Start a Charity

discussing philanthropic visions with a client

We know you’re the seasoned specialist when it comes to advising your clients on a range of financial and legal topics, but as we’ve discovered over the course of our The Informed Philanthropic Advisor series, the philanthropic landscape is anything but simple. 

That’s why Bloom Investment Counsel, Inc. has put pen to paper in this new informative series to ensure you can become the best possible partner to your clients when it comes to navigating the often challenging (but very rewarding!) charitable sector.

So you’ve done the legwork—what’s next? If you’ve been following along for the entire series, you know that after you’ve had the often tricky conversation about philanthropy, assisted your client in identifying an organization that aligns with their values, and helped them research to ensure the organization is legitimate, there is still lots of work to be done to properly form and execute the plan. But what if your client is looking to expand their horizons by starting their own charitable endeavour? 

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The Informed Philanthropic Advisor: Three Red Flags to Watch for to Ensure a Charity’s Legitimacy

yellow caution sign

You’ve made it to the third edition of The Informed Philanthropic Advisor! We know you’re the seasoned expert when it comes to counseling your clients on their financial and estate matters, and if you’ve been following along in this series, by now you’re well on your way to becoming a knowledgeable and skilled professional when it comes to advising on all things philanthropy.

So—you’ve had the conversation about charitable giving with your clients, and you’ve helped them to unearth and identify some causes they feel a deep connection to. What’s next? It’s time to start selecting specific organizations!

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2 Strategies For Canadians To Increase Your Philanthropic Impact


Like many Canadians, you may have identified philanthropic giving as a key priority as you develop your estate plan, but find yourself uncertain how to maximize the impact of every dollar contributed.

Similarly, you may have found yourself supporting the causes that you most care about but are also on the lookout for additional opportunities to increase your impact and create an enduring philanthropic legacy.

This article is for you—here, we discuss two strategies utilizing a life insurance policy that can help you increase your philanthropic impact.

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The Informed Philanthropic Advisor: Three Important Signs Your Client Needs Your Help

blonde woman working on a laptop

You’re the skilled specialist when it comes to crafting financial plans for your clients—but between the multifaceted tax stipulations, difficult discussions, intricate planning techniques, and the wealth of possible endeavours, philanthropic planning is anything but simple, even for the most seasoned  professional advisors.

If you had the important discussions, what’s next to becoming a subject matter expert on all things philanthropy? As we’ve explored in the previous edition of The Informed Philanthropic Advisor, if you’re not having meaningful, informed conversations around philanthropy with your clients, the research says you might risk losing them. But after you’ve bitten the bullet and planned the discussion, or even had the discussion, what’s next?

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