How do you Pass Philanthropic Beliefs and Values to the Next Generation?

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Philanthropy often takes on a significant meaning for high-net-worth families, who can be as passionate about supporting causes meaningful to them as they are about making sure giving back is a shared familial value—creating an extended legacy of charitable giving.

High-net-worth families, here are some tips to help you pass philanthropic beliefs and values to the next generation.

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How can Individuals and Business Owners Benefit by Doing Good through Philanthropy?

Philanthropy is a manifestation of a deep personal desire to help others. We can participate through donations of both tangible (wealth or assets) and intangible (time) resources to organizations and causes that support, among others, humanitarian, medical and social needs.

For those who feel the pull towards philanthropy, there are impactful wealth planning strategies to consider.

While giving back evokes happiness and fulfillment, and is a great reminder to be grateful for what we have, it can provide a number of wealth building and planning opportunities too—anyone can do well by doing good through philanthropy in Canada.

In this article, we explore how being philanthropic can add real value to your wealth plan as an individual and as a business owner.

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The Informed Philanthropic Advisor: Helping Your Client Start a Charity

We know you’re the seasoned specialist when it comes to advising your clients on a range of financial and legal topics, but as we’ve discovered over the course of our The Informed Philanthropic Advisor series, the philanthropic landscape is anything but simple. 

That’s why Bloom Investment Counsel, Inc. has put pen to paper in this new informative series to ensure you can become the best possible partner to your clients when it comes to navigating the often challenging (but very rewarding!) charitable sector.

So you’ve done the legwork—what’s next? If you’ve been following along for the entire series, you know that after you’ve had the often tricky conversation about philanthropy, assisted your client in identifying an organization that aligns with their values, and helped them research to ensure the organization is legitimate, there is still lots of work to be done to properly form and execute the plan. But what if your client is looking to expand their horizons by starting their own charitable endeavour? 

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