How Much Cash Can You Gift Tax Free to Your Spouse or Children in Canada?

How Much Cash Can You Gift Tax Free to Your Spouse or Children in Canada

There are many different reasons you may want to make a cash gift. If you are considering gifting a significant sum of money, for instance to your spouse or your children, what are the tax implications of making such a cash gift in Canada? This article will help answer your questions.

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3 Potential Scams to Avoid When Making Online Charitable Donations

You’ve generously decided to make a charitable donation, but then remembered stories of those who have been scammed by fake charities. How do you avoid these scams that try to take advantage of your compassion for those in need? This article describes three potential online charity scams you should watch out for to save you from becoming the next victim!

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CPP Philanthropy™ Strategy

Watch Kevin Willis of Bloom Investment Counsel Inc. join Mark Halpern of for a discussion of the CPP Philanthropy™ strategy.

“If you can convert taxes into charity, how great would that be?” For most wealthy clients, they may not need their monthly Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits to pay their bills. That money only gets taxed, re-invested and then taxed again. CPP Philanthropy™ is a strategy to be more charitable, maximize your giving and minimize your taxes. Learn four ways to utilize your CPP benefits for philanthropy.

Mark Halpern, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP), Master Financial Advisor – Philanthropy (MFA-P) has helped business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and affluent families for 30 years. As CEO of, Mark and his team specialize in tax-advantaged insurance solutions to protect families, create charitable legacies, and preserve estates.

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How to Select a Charity and Build an Enduring Philanthropic Legacy?

hand and heart

Leaving a philanthropic legacy is a great way to ensure that your name (or your family’s name) lives on and to make a positive impact on a cause or a community for generations. But how do you choose which charity to support in Canada?

Here are 3 important tips for making that decision, along with a way to generate the desired income for donation purposes, which we hope will help guide you towards making a meaningful decision.

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