How to Manage Your Online Presence After Death

Our lives are increasingly lived online and therefore almost everyone has an online presence. What happens to our digital lives after death? Potential identity theft can create problems for loved ones when online lives of the deceased are left unmanaged. This article discusses the steps you can take ahead of time to manage your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter presence after you pass.

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8 Common Sources of Family Business Conflicts

Conflicts may feel uncomfortable but are inevitable in any business, including family businesses. Avoiding conflicts can be a grave mistake as meaningful conflicts can propel the business forward. Understanding common sources of family business conflicts can help you better prepare for potential challenges in the road ahead. This article lists 8 common sources of family business conflicts.

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What Size of a Mortgage can you Afford in Canada?

In real estate, affordability is your capacity to buy a property (maybe a particular house that you have your eye on), typically expressed as the maximum amount you will be able to pay.

You may be a first-time homebuyer, a homeowner looking to move to another house, or an investor looking to buy real estate for rental income opportunities. You may be hoping to buy a condominium, a townhome, a duplex, or a house. Whatever category you fall into, you need to know what size of a mortgage you can afford.

In this article, we provide information, a tool, and a resource to help you find the maximum home purchase price you can afford in Canada.

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What Are 3 Key Considerations When Receiving An Inheritance In Canada?

It is estimated that Canada’s baby boomers and early Gen Xers will inherit $1 trillion over the coming 20 years in a monumental transfer of wealth. If you are one of these beneficiaries, here are 3 key considerations that will help prepare you and make it easier to tackle the difficult decisions that you will need to make about your inheritance.

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Are You The Beneficiary Of Sudden Wealth—What Should You Do?

You’ve unexpectedly received a large sum of money—what should you do? You may find yourself overwhelmed—perhaps even paralyzed—as you try to work out how to deal with the significant surplus you now have over your everyday needs. This article highlights 3 key steps in planning how to handle sudden wealth in ways that are fulfilling and meaningful to you.

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