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Personalized Wealth Management For High-Net-Worth Families: What To Consider

Are you responsible for allocating a significant amount of family wealth to meet your family’s financial needs and long-term financial objectives?

While the Canadian wealth management landscape offers no shortage of investment management and advisory solutions, high-net-worth families often have sophisticated needs and must be careful to ensure that they obtain services that are structured to meet these needs.

In this article, we explore 3 key attributes to consider when looking into wealth management products and services to help you find a truly personalized approach to managing your family’s wealth.

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How Can Earnings Announcements Impact Stock Prices?

Every quarter, “earnings season” is an important time when investors can check to see if companies’ fundamentals continue to support the prices of their held stocks. Investors can also consider whether to take on new positions to capitalize on potential positive price movements based on new information in the quarterly release.

Long-term investors may not be swayed by a quarter or two of below-target earnings or analyst expectations for a specific company, but quarterly earnings analysis is vital for fundamental investing to gauge the future trajectory of a company’s performance.

In this article, we discuss how earnings announcements can impact stock prices so that you are informed. If you are a long-term investor yourself, earnings season can be a great way to validate your investment thesis! Now, let’s dive into the importance of earnings season and how earnings announcements can impact your investment decisions.

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6 Types Of Alternative Investments Every Investor Should Know

With low interest rates and volatility in traditional stock and bond markets, some investors are seeking alternative investments to increase their portfolio diversification in the hopes of enhancing returns. What is an alternative investment, and what are some of the more common types of alternative investments? Here are 6 types of alternative investments every investor and financial professional should understand.

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Steps You Should Take When Selecting An Investment Manager

tree on jar of money

Are you looking to work with an independent investment manager, one who has the skills and expertise to look after your or your family’s investments and manage them for you? Many people are embarrassed or even scared to talk about wealth management with an investment manager—but working with a financial professional, or even simply setting up an introductory call to speak with someone, could help ease your financial stress.

The key is to start talking… but there are a myriad of options and working out which manager is the best fit for you can be daunting. Here are questions you should ask before, during and after your introductory investment consultation with a manager to help you make this important decision.

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How To Choose And What To Look For In An Investment Counselling Firm?

How To Choose And What To Look For In An Investment Counselling Firm?

You’re familiar with wealth management services offered by the Big 6 banks in Canada, but have you heard of those offered by boutique investment counselling firms? Investment counselling firms generally serve high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families who choose to delegate investment decisions to a trusted professional in the investment industry.

Are you looking to understand what an investment counsellor does, what to look for when choosing an investment counselling firm and how to choose an investment counsel in Canada? This article is for you.

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