The Informed Philanthropic Advisor: Helping Your Client Start A Charity


Expanding Your Knowledge of All Things Philanthropy

We know you’re the seasoned specialist when it comes to advising your clients on a range of financial and legal topics, but as we’ve discovered over the course of our The Informed Philanthropic Advisor series, the philanthropic landscape is anything but simple. 

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The Informed Philanthropic Advisor: Three Red Flags to Watch for to Ensure A Charity’s Legitimacy

Seeking to Expand Your Knowledge of the Philanthropic Space? Look No Further

You’ve made it to the third edition of The Informed Philanthropic Advisor! We know you’re the seasoned expert when it comes to counseling your clients on their financial and estate matters, and if you’ve been following along in this series (click HERE to catch up if you haven’t!), by now you’re well on your way to becoming a knowledgeable and skilled professional when it comes to advising on all things philanthropy.

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The Informed Philanthropic Advisor: Three Important Signs Your Client Needs Your Help

Becoming a Subject Matter Expert on All Things Philanthropy

You’re the skilled specialist when it comes to crafting financial plans for your clients—but between the multifaceted tax stipulations, difficult discussions, intricate planning techniques, and the wealth of possible endeavours, philanthropic planning is anything but simple, even for the most seasoned  professional advisors.

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The Informed Philanthropic Advisor: Missing Out on This Conversation with Your Clients? It Could Cost You!

Good Intentions, Complex Executions

Between forming a giving strategy to maximize impact, knowing how and where to give, and the complex tax stipulations that naturally come with charity work, navigating the philanthropic space can be challenging for donors even at the best of times. 

A philanthropic advisor is a vital resource for clients of all backgrounds—from those lacking detailed knowledge in the space, to those who have the experience and understanding, but may not have the time required to carry out the legwork on their own.

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