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Generational Wealth: What it Is & How to Build It

Building wealth as a family can be a rewarding and empowering journey that sets the foundation for a secure financial future. By working together to prioritize your goals, having a suitable investment plan, and staying on top of your investments, you can build a strong financial foundation that benefits both current and future generations.

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The Benefits of Family Legacy Planning

family legacy plan

If you are planning your family legacy, you should establish a thoughtful and well-defined framework for decision-making and responsibility among family members. This should be based on shared purpose, mission, and values and is known as a family governance plan.

The plan defines the necessary roles for the management of your wealth and family business and outlines how decisions should be made. A family governance plan can also set out mechanisms for potential future events such as selling a business or assets.

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Know The Difference: REITs vs. Direct Real Estate Investing

REITs vs. Direct Real Estate Investing

Investment in real estate can be a strong addition to your investment portfolio and can improve its diversification.

There are two main approaches to investing in real estate: investing directly in individual properties, or investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Over the past few years, an increasingly larger percentage of investors hold some form of real estate in their portfolios.

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