How to Financially Prepare Your Child for Post-Secondary Education

teaching your children about money for post secondary education

Financially preparing your child for post-secondary education is an important step towards ensuring their academic and financial success. By taking proactive measures, parents can help alleviate the financial burden associated with higher education and equip their children with the necessary tools to navigate this significant milestone in their lives.

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Estate Planning – More Than Just a Will

estate planning, planning your estate

Estate planning is the process of documenting a plan for the distribution of your assets and specifying directions for your legacy intentions in advance of your passing.

An estate plan is much more comprehensive than a will, and provides a more detailed guide for your beneficiaries than a will does on its own.

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How Should You Pass Real Estate to the Next Generation?

passing on real estate

Passing real estate to your heirs can be a crucial part of your family legacy, whether that real estate be a primary residence, generational vacation property, or income property.

Passing real estate to the next generation is not as straightforward as leaving it to a surviving spouse who has joint ownership. There are many issues that must be considered.

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