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5 Life Events That Can Impact Your Financial Plan

One thing we can be certain of in life is that change happens. Sound financial planning involves understanding the basic financial considerations arising from each of these major life events, whether expected or unplanned. This article highlights 5 of these life events and how they can impact your financial situation and financial plan.

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KYM – Know Your Manager Checklist

There are stringent rules within the investment industry known as KYC (Know Your Client) regulations which lay out the information an Investment/Portfolio Manager needs to gather to be able to choose the most suitable investment products and services for each individual client.

But there are no such regulations specifying what clients should know about their Investment/Portfolio Managers. The onus is on you or your designated financial fiduciary to Know Your Manager (KYM).

In this article, we provide an essential KYM checklist to find the Investment/Portfolio Manager best suited to your needs and objectives.

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How to Generate Passive Income with Dividend Investing for Philanthropic Purposes

Passive income, that which comes in whilst you are not doing anything, can be a great way to help you generate additional cash flow for philanthropic purposes. What if you can have money flowing in continuously to be used for philanthropic causes, while keeping your initial invested capital in the stock market for capital preservation and potential capital appreciation? Read this article to learn how this can be attained through a dividend-paying portfolio, Bloom Investment Counsel Inc.’s specialty.

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What is an Investment Philosophy and Why Does it Matter?

Investment Philosophy and Why Does it Matter

A well-conceived and concise investment philosophy is widely held as crucial to investment success.

It may be even more important than an investment strategy, as your investment philosophy is the precursor of your investment strategy. Investment strategies may require adjustment with changing personal circumstances and market conditions, while your investment philosophy keeps you focused on your long-term objectives.

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Do High-Net-Worth Wealth Plans Require a Team Effort?

Do High-Net-Worth Wealth Plans Require a Team Effort
High-Net-Worth Wealth Plans

Investment professionals are often turned to for guidance on wealth plans. However, if you are a high-net-worth individual or family it’s likely that your financial situation is more complicated than the average, which means there are times your investment professional may wish to engage specialists on your behalf.

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