Author: Bloom Investment Counsel, Inc.

Investment Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Investing is something that should be part of your everyday life. It may be as simple as leaving your money in a company retirement plan or as complex as attempting to actively manage your own stock portfolio.

However you invest your money, there are common mistakes that most investors fall prey to but that you can easily avoid with proper planning and application.

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Fees Shouldn’t Drive Your Investment Choices

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When it comes to investing, it’s important to keep in mind that fees shouldn’t be the sole factor driving your investment choices.

Fees can certainly impact your overall returns and it is important to understand what the fees are and whether you are receiving added value for what you are paying. But fees should not be the only factor driving your investment decisions. Instead, it’s important to consider all of the relevant factors when making investment choices to ensure that you are making informed decisions that align with your long-term financial goals. Your goals should be the primary driver of your investment choices, not fees.

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Know the Difference: Active Income vs. Passive Income

active income vs. passive income

Active income and passive income are two different types of income that can have a major impact on your financial well-being. Active income is income you generate through activities such as working, running a business, or providing services. Passive income is income generated by something that you own or have invested in such as savings accounts, real estate, stocks, or rights to something you have created.

This article will discuss the differences between active and passive income sources and how understanding them can help you make better financial decisions.

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3 Trusts To Consider When Estate Planning

living trust & estate planning

Many people think of their Will as the core of their estate plan, but Wills can be contested and may be subject to a lengthy probate process. Using a trust can circumvent many wealth transfer issues and help relieve much stress for you and your heirs.

A trust can add a layer of protection for your family, loved ones, and legacy once you’re gone.

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