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Bloom Investment Counsel, Inc. Q4/21 Investment Market Commentary

Watch M. Paul Bloom, CIO at Bloom Investment Counsel, Inc., discuss the key themes around the stock market influencing investment decisions, including coverage on how the market backdrop has changed rapidly over the last couple of months with Omicron and also over the few days with the release of the U.S. FOMC minutes.

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6 Types Of Alternative Investments Every Investor Should Know

With low interest rates and volatility in traditional stock and bond markets, some investors are seeking alternative investments to increase their portfolio diversification in the hopes of enhancing returns. What is an alternative investment, and what are some of the more common types of alternative investments? Here are 6 types of alternative investments every investor and financial professional should understand.

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What Are 3 Key Considerations When Receiving An Inheritance In Canada?

It is estimated that Canada’s baby boomers and early Gen Xers will inherit $1 trillion over the coming 20 years in a monumental transfer of wealth. If you are one of these beneficiaries, here are 3 key considerations that will help prepare you and make it easier to tackle the difficult decisions that you will need to make about your inheritance.

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