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Important Considerations Before Replacing Philanthropic Contributions with Impact Investing

Impact investing, an investment approach that aims to generate specific positive social and/or environmental impacts, while seeking some level of financial return, has been a hot topic and is not a new subject for family offices which play an important role in its growth. Additionally, impact investing has significant appeal among younger generations, such as Millennials, who have an increased desire  to push for environmental improvements or social changes that align with their personal values. This momentum is likely to increase as Millennial investors gain market influence. This article takes a look at what impact investors do, takes a deep dive into impact investing and discusses important considerations when thinking about replacing philanthropic contributions with impact investing.

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Financial Advice for Millennial Entrepreneurs

In the last two decades, many Millennials have bypassed the corporate ladder and achieved success through entrepreneurship.

Millennial entrepreneurs include the founders  of Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, Mashable, Quora, Asana and more. Even famous YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok personalities have emerged as entrepreneurs by developing their personal brands and becoming influencers, making millions, if not billions, in their 20s.   

While countless financial articles offer personal finance advice, few are tailored towards Millennial entrepreneurs who are making or have accumulated significant wealth at an earlier stage of life, and who may be retiring years before normal retirement age with a need to protect and grow their wealth. This article fills that gap and offers up-to-date financial advice for Millennial entrepreneurs.

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Money Management: When And How To Teach Children About Money

Money management is an essential skill for life. As important as helping your child develop reading, writing and mathematical skills, instilling children with financial fundamentals from an early age enables them to live a financially sustainable and responsible life.

The following article discusses when and how to teach children about money at every stage of their development.

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