What is a Family Office and Should I Consider Using One?

Family offices are by no means a recent phenomenon. The concept of a family office approach to managing wealth can be traced back to monarchs appointing stewards to manage royal wealth.

This type of wealth administration service later filtered down to the upper nobility, creating the enduring concept of engaging highly competent and experienced professionals to manage, preserve and build wealth and expand legacy—akin to today’s family offices.

In this article, we discuss family offices with particular focus on the difference between a family office and a traditional wealth or investment management firm, and outline two considerations that may help you decide whether a family office approach to managing your, your family’s and/or multigenerational wealth is for you.

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Advanced Tax Planning for High Income Earners and High-Net-Worth Families

For high income earners and high-net-worth families, taxes can pose a significant impediment to preserving and growing wealth, particularly in cases where income or wealth is concentrated in the hands of one individual or held within an entity. Fortunately, thoughtful tax planning can help you, your business and/or your family keep more of what you have worked so hard to accumulate. In this article, we highlight 3 tax saving strategies that can be used without sacrificing the ability to build wealth.

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What Is A Trust And How Do You Choose The Right Trustee?

Trusts can be useful tools for implementing tax strategies and can provide valuable estate planning benefits. This article discusses what a Canadian trust is and how to choose the right trustee. As always, and due to different legal structures in Quebec, it is recommended that you consult with legal counsel for advice concerning in-depth tax and legal matters.

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What Are Some Common Challenges High-Net-Worth Individuals Face?

While some may consider a large financial surplus as the solution to most problems, the complexity that accompanies significant wealth can present new challenges in its own right. Fortunately, with thoughtful planning and collaboration with the right professionals, these challenges can be overcome. In this article, we explore some of the key areas of concern high-net-worth individuals and families face.

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