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Are Short-Term Investments Good for Building Wealth?

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Does your portfolio include short-term investments? Short-term investments are an important component of a well-balanced investment portfolio. While they typically provide a lower level of return than long-term investments, they also provide a lower level of risk.

You can also use short-term investments if liquidity and immediate access to cash are more important to you than higher investment returns.

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Estate Planning for Women: Why it Matters

Estate planning is an important part of any individual’s life plan, but it is especially important for women. Women face unique challenges when it comes to estate planning due to their longer life expectancy and the greater likelihood of being the primary caregiver for children and elderly family members. Therefore, estate planning for women is especially important in order to ensure that their wishes are respected and that their assets are managed properly in the event of death or incapacitation. This article will discuss why estate planning for women is so important and how it can help protect them and their families for the future.

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Wealth Planning for Uncertain Times

Uncertainty is inevitable, especially in relation to investment markets. Investment markets are affected by a host of events. Just recently we have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, increasing global inflation, and the threat of recession.

During uncertain times and the resulting investment market volatility it is common to feel that you have no control over your financial future. To maintain a sense of control and avoid knee-jerk reactions to uncertainty you must be focused on long-term financial goals.

Remember, investment markets have always recovered from uncertainty and downturns.

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