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2024 New Year’s Investing Resolutions

new years resolutions

It will soon be that time of year again – time to make New Year’s resolutions. This is also an ideal time to make some investing resolutions.

The end of the year is a good time to review your current financial plan if you have one and determine where it is lacking. Then you are ready to consider which investing resolutions will help you achieve your goals.

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3 Effective Attributes of Successful Investors

Effective Attributes of Successful Investors

Successful investors possess certain attributes that contribute to their financial success. They exhibit effective tendencies such as maintaining a diversified investment portfolio, conducting thorough research before making investment decisions, and implementing a long-term investment plan. These habits contribute to their ability to navigate the complexities of the financial markets and achieve their desired financial outcomes.

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Dividend Investing in Different Market Cycles

dividend investing through different market cycles

Dividend-paying stocks have historically proven to be resilient to recessions and bear markets while potentially providing long-term superior total returns.

Not only have dividend-paying stocks proven their worth in tough markets, but they have also played a significant role in providing long-term returns through all phases of a market cycle. Dividend-paying stocks have generated consistent, positive income streams, regardless of general market cycles, and the long-term compounding benefits of reinvesting dividend payments have significantly added to total returns.

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Teaching The Next Generation About Investing – Where to Start?

teaching the next generation about money

Investing is a crucial skill everyone should learn, and passing this knowledge on to the next generation is especially important. Teaching your children about investing can empower them to take control of their financial future and make informed decisions.

But where do you start when it comes to teaching the next generation about investing? It’s important to begin with the basics and build a strong foundation. Introducing concepts such as saving, budgeting, and understanding the power of compound interest can help lay the groundwork for future investment knowledge.

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