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Know The Difference: REITs vs. Direct Real Estate Investing

REITs vs. Direct Real Estate Investing

Investment in real estate can be a strong addition to your investment portfolio and can improve its diversification.

There are two main approaches to investing in real estate: investing directly in individual properties, or investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Over the past few years, an increasingly larger percentage of investors hold some form of real estate in their portfolios.

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What is Direct Investing and When Should You Consider It?

Direct investing (also known as self-directed or discount brokerage investing) can offer a wide variety of investment choices from which you can build your investment portfolio. It can give you personal control over your portfolio at lower fees than full-service brokerage/investment firms would charge.

However, direct investing is not suitable for everyone. While many of the investments available through full-service brokerages and investment managers may be available to you through discount brokerages, it is important to determine if direct investing is suitable for you.

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