The Most Important Risk for Long-Term and Income Investors

There are few lucrative investments without risk. Accepting no risk means investing in risk-free investments such as certificate of deposits and treasuries, placing money in savings accounts, or doing nothing by holding cash. The truth is that in today’s low-interest rate environment, you may have just traded one risk for another—you have accepted inflation risk.

To build wealth over time, investors need to accept risk, and short-term and long-term investors have different risks to prioritize. This article looks at the most important risk for long-term and income investors who take a long-term approach to investing.

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Money Management: When And How To Teach Children About Money

Money management is an essential skill for life. As important as helping your child develop reading, writing and mathematical skills, instilling children with financial fundamentals from an early age enables them to live a financially sustainable and responsible life.

The following article discusses when and how to teach children about money at every stage of their development.

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