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Common Obstacles to Investing and How to Overcome Them

Obstacles to investing or even planning for retirement are mostly self-imposed. Anyone can be an investor. The first step is to identify and acknowledge the obstacles holding you back from investing.

If you don’t invest, it is very likely that you may outlive your money.

The following will explore five common obstacles people face when it comes to investing, and how you can overcome them.

Not Enough Money to Invest

Most commonly, people feel they cannot invest enough money to make it worthwhile. This is not true. There is no minimum. Starting with any amount is better than not investing at all. If you begin with $100 a month, allocated automatically to a diversified investment fund, your investment is likely to quickly grow. This will help you to establish regular investment habits which you can increase as future income growth may allow.

Lack of Investment Knowledge

Many do not feel confident investing in the stock market. They believe they do not know enough about it, or they are overwhelmed by the deluge of advertising and information that is publicly available. For absolute beginners, basic knowledge, and clarity are as close as your bank branch. Acquiring input and assistance from a qualified financial professional is the best way to get started on the right track. As you learn more you will have greater confidence in your investment decisions.

Fear of Losing Money

Unfortunately, market volatility (prices going up and down) is a reality of investing. Potential investors are often apprehensive about entering a rising market for fear of buying at the top. There is also much trepidation by new investors about buying into a declining market. This is when you must place less emphasis on your emotions and short-term market performance and instead focus on investing for the long-term. Stock market returns have historically exceeded savings accounts over a market cycle and for longer periods.  

Too Busy to Invest

You want to invest, and you may even have set long-term investment goals, but you just can’t make the time to seek out the assistance you may need to establish a personal investment program. While this process is preferable, it may be best to just get started investing as soon as possible by starting an automated, regular investment plan. At a future date, when you can make the time, you can then meet with a financial professional to adjust your investing to a more comprehensive long-term financial plan.

Feeling That it is too Late to Get Started

Your greatest investment ally is time – and with it, the power of compounding. While it is optimal to start investing as early as possible, it is never too late to get started. As long as your goals are long-term, time will be your benefactor.

The most important step is getting started. “The best time to invest was yesterday, the next best time is today.”

Investing With Bloom Investment Counsel, Inc.

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