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How To Ease Your Transition into Retirement

Finally, your long-awaited retirement is approaching. But you feel stressed. Why is that? Perhaps you fear that no matter how much you’ve been looking forward to retiring, the feeling of being on “permanent vacation” will start to wear off. Or perhaps you fear that you will have more time but less money to spend.

Whether you’re already retired and are struggling with the life change or are planning to make the transition soon, this article provides tips on easing your transition into this new phase of life, and what you can do during retirement to find meaning and purpose outside of work.

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5 Life Events That Can Impact Your Financial Plan

One thing we can be certain of in life is that change happens. Sound financial planning involves understanding the basic financial considerations arising from each of these major life events, whether expected or unplanned. This article highlights 5 of these life events and how they can impact your financial situation and financial plan.

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